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6th February 2023

Big Boy Blue – a handy aristocrat!

When we last communicated with our friends and valued customers we were out of hand-woven woollen blankets. This and a...
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19th December 2022

No Santas and Precious few Reindeers

...Plenty of red noses though with the cold weather here in Germany. This is not our favourite time of the...
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7th November 2022

A shiny tradition

One of the really traditional products from Irish Linen has been - for many years - tea towels. Usually made...
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14th October 2022

Linen for a Sacred Space

Linen has long been used throughout the world in spiritual practice, whether it be to wrap mummies, adorn altars or...
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15th August 2022

Flying off the loom!

The Flax Mill team has not missed a beat in their move to Brandenburg and the shuttle is again 'flying',...
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4th August 2022

News at last!

The aristocrat in new designs “How do you feel in your retirement?” This was one of the recently asked questions,...
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28th October 2021

New Outlet for Flax Mill Wool

I am honoured to have been appointed the Northern Irish agent for Flax Mill Textiles woolen fabrics. I will be...
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13th October 2021

Childhood’s End…

Dear friends, valued customers, dear fellow crafters and textile-workers. Many people have been waiting for this, the “what’s happening to...
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7th September 2021 / Open Day 2021

Last Minute News!

Dear friends, valued customers, colleagues in the media, dear linen - lovers! This is our last communication to "the world"...
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29th June 2021 / Open Day 2021

Keep The Fight In Your Hearts

We are very pleased that Joe McGonigle will once again play his haunting ballads from Donegal for us at the...
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17th June 2021 / Open Day 2021

Doing no harm to the Planet

The “second Finale” on September 11th, 2021 at Derrylane Flax Mills After last year’s great Open Day and Yard Fest...
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11th June 2021 / Open Day 2021

Open Day 2021 – The Second Finale is on!

Friends, After several hours of "picking our own brains" we first decided on a smaller, more bound to house and...
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8th May 2021

Blues Galore!

Dear friends, valued customers, fellow textile-workers and crafters, dear colleagues in the media! It comes a little late but it...
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14th April 2021

Wrap your thoughts aristocratically!

Friends, just short of our next newsletter which is going out in a week from today with some spectacular news,...
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11th April 2021

The World’s oldest Vegan Product

We’d like to introduce mankind’s oldest manufactured product to you – it’s also the oldest vegan product to our knowledge:...
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15th March 2021

Jacobs Wool Jumper – what our shop is about

Online Shop Now Open! This sweater – in the picture worn by its new owner in France – was hand-knitted...
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3rd March 2021

Two Flaxfields meet

Dear friends, valued customers, fellow crafters and textile-workers! Due to the large interest - especially in finished products - and...
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3rd March 2021 / ethics

Bread and Roses!

Local Textile Workers active on International Women’s Day 2021 The courageous and successful strikes by textile workers in the shirt...
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10th January 2021

When the storm has settled on the ocean

Dear Friends, valued customers, fellow crafters and textile-workers! Looking back at 2020 isn’t just the easiest thing to do- plenty...
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24th November 2020

Stay with your own ones!

Friends, valued customers, fellow textile-workers! This remains short of a full “Flax Mill News”, we really just wanted to get...
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1st November 2020

Vegan Quiche, Shift Work in the mill and open Doors!

Friends, fellow crafters and textile-workers, valued customers! Our last – just not a full “Flax Mill News” – mail got...
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7th October 2020

blue linen, van the man and a baby boy

Friends, valued customers, fellow textile workers and crafters, We'll stay short of a "Flax Mill newsletter" - just a short...
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21st September 2020

Paintings and Bronze – Castings remain on Exhibition

After the extremely successful Open Day at Derrylane Flax Mills on Saturday, September 12th which saw the opening of an...
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15th September 2020 / Open Day 2020

Brief summary and big thanks!

Friends, valued customers, fellow crafters and textile-workers, The "re-building" of Flax Mill back to working order is half-way finished, the...
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7th September 2020 / Open Day 2020

Concert programme: Here Comes the Night!

In a year like this when many wheels seemed to turn from round to square and run (or not) accordingly,...
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31st August 2020 / Open Day 2020

The catwalk of the year

Friends, the preparations for our fashion show as part of the Open Day are going - despite many problems which...
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10th August 2020 / Open Day 2020


Friends, The 27th Open Day, Yard Fest and Fashion Show on Saturday, September 12th 2020 here at Flax Mill are...
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25th July 2020

The Blue Eyes of the Aristocrat are open!

*As we were writing this newsletter, some very timely and exceptionally good news came over the phone. We had just...
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9th July 2020

Flax in the news!

ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen) , one of the largest public broadcasters in Germany, has turned its cameras on to the...
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24th June 2020

Workshops at Flax Mill: the wheels are turning, the dye-pot is bubbling

4 workshops by master-crafters at the Flax Mill in August I would hereby like to invite you to take part...
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