Childhood’s End…

Dear friends, valued customers, dear fellow crafters and textile-workers.

Many people have been waiting for this, the “what’s happening to Flax – Mill now”.. calls, mails and letters have been numerous over the last few weeks.

“Getting back to normal” after the amazing 28th Open Day and Yard Fest (the largest number of visitors ever both day and night) took a little while, we had to do the “rebuilding” whilst being very busy in the mill. Plus I needed to spend some time in Germany, I am just back a week now.

So, here we go, latest news from inside and around the mill:

– As we have said for a while now (and after re-visiting all aspects of the big move several times) we are going to give Flax Mill into capable and much younger hands from next month onwards.

After 33 years of owning the mill we are far away from retiring will keep a – reduced though – weaving presence here and have our products on the shelves of our new bespoke outlet – shop in Belfast (see next chapter).

Our main personal residence and place of work will be in Germany, we have chosen a location in the South of Brandenburg.

Needless to say, we are going to be sad to leave Flax Mill, will miss its astonishing energy. But we are equally looking forward to the new venture in the old home-country.

The web-page and newsletters will be kept. Come and see us in Brandenburg!

The Butcher – Building is a newly re-furbished historic house in the centre of Belfast (Smithfield). Amongst several top-of-the-range-crafters, Sinead Black is taking workshop- and sales – space there.

The owner of “Bricolage Quilts” will be keeping a very carefully selected range of both cloth and finished products made by Flax – Mill.

No better host for our stuff – anyone who knows Sinead will be aware of her outstanding crafts and great knowledge. You can see our goods on Sinead’s website by hitting the Shop button above or clicking here

The holder of a “Royal School of Textiles” (Edinburgh) – degree will specialise on linen from our production from the end of October on. Pay her a visit or contact her for all details:

– The end of the much loved hand-woven woollen blankets?

Not at all, as we write this one loom is running with Christine Casey’s brand-new range of hand-spun and home-dyed pure wool.

As long as we are here, we are weaving every day (7 days per week at the moment) and: Christine’s superb yarn will weave very sweet in Brandenburg as well, take that from me!

I hope to see many of you before the end of October at Flax Mill.

After about a month of getting moved into the new place, the coffee in Germany will taste as well as here, we hope!

Here and there:

Love over Gold!

2 Replies to “Childhood’s End…”

  1. Hello Marion & Hermon, I just heard yesterday that you had gone back to Germany. I am sorry we didn’t get to say goodbye but maybe you will be back for a visit. Very Best of Luck to you.

    Michelle, Mickey & Sharon

  2. Hello Marion, Hermon. Its been a looong time. I think the last I saw you mu daughter Fae was 8, she’s now eighteen. I used to sell pottery and soap at the festival. I remember Hermon talking about moving back home. We’ve been though a bit. lost our home to fire in 2015 and are in our new home only 2 years now. I have friends and family in Germany and have found you so I look forward to seeing you sometime soon.

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