When the storm has settled on the ocean

Dear Friends, valued customers, fellow crafters and textile-workers!

Looking back at 2020 isn’t just the easiest thing to do- plenty of it will be done though. Before we give you a short look back and a bit of ‘forward looking’ from our own perspective here at Flax-mill: Myself and the rest of the small team would like to wish you a good and peaceful, a prosperous and joyful new-year!! Thank you for all your letters, cards, mails and phone-calls we were delighted as always to hear from you.

2020 put one major task to us: To try and keep as much ‘normality’ in our work (and lives) here at the mill as at all possible. I think we succeeded in doing that at least to a large extent:

  • Flax-mill never closed its doors for even a day, we will remain working and open to those who want to visit!
  • Our open-day and fest attracted as many people as always, the atmosphere was magical, the countries cream of crafters visited for great stalls and demonstrations. The evening gig and session-despite the rain were unforgettable.
  • From ‘inside’ we can tell you that the mills turn-over is up, not a huge increase but not ‘just up’ either. The strongest growth without a doubt was in cloth-making, especially linen.
  • Our August workshops in four textile crafts were all booked to capacity and a great success.
  • And last but by no means least for us: we didn’t allow any sickness talks or theories onto our internet page or at our coffee table. We made our (not easy found and long debated) positions clear very early on, Hermann detailed them in the ‘Born to be Free’ essay in which he dealt with the disastrous statements of the health minister. Again, we didn’t publish this piece on our website it was only forwarded to individuals on request. We knew the ‘powers to be’ wouldn’t like it but so what??

To start our first news-shot in the new year by saying: Flax Mill will remain open for all visitors who want to see some weaving or purchase products…sounds great – you know that anyway!

So here are a few details on our work and plans for the new year.

Spessart green going hand woven.
One of our -much liked- power loom woven linens is a medium weight, deep green fabric (Hermann calls it “Spessart” after the forest area in Germany where he grew up). I was asked to reproduce a linen of similar shine and colour on the hand loom. Luck was on our side; we stock a quantity of yarn spun in Co. Armagh and dyed at Holybank in as close to Spessart as you will ever find. The yarn is now in the shape of a warp and ready to go onto our hand loom.

Handwoven blankets.
Made from pure wool – spun and dyed by Christine Casey. These one-off pieces are ready to come off the loom as always they are fist come first served and don’t normally stay too long.

Woolen blankets

Jacobs Wool Sweaters.
We are getting prepared for a very small number of jumpers made from wool spun by Lorna Shannon and West Yorkshire Spinners. Our knitting capacity is very limited so please get in touch as soon as possible if interested.

So much for a few special projects at Flax Mill our main focus as always will be on weaving and there mainly linen, the demand especially for natural linens is good.

We’ll leave you with a personal wish for 2021: We would like to meet up with you sooner rather than later. May all your wishes come true.

Love over Gold

Marion and Hermann at Flax Mill.

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