The Flax is home!

Dear friends, valued customers, fellow textile – workers,

After Yard – Fest no 29 and the repetition of our Fashion Show in Germany two weeks later, it took us a few days to recover and get back to normal (whatever that may be…).

We think it is more than time to give you a little overview of the goings – on at Flax Mill and at least a glimpse into the world of textile – making in general.

Please feel free to share this little newsletter with other friends and fellow crafters or use it in your internet – presentations.

-The 29th Yard – Fest and Open – Day on September 9th went well and I dare say the vast majority of our visiting crafters were happy to be at Glackmore Forest.

Thanks again to the many great helpers – without you it could not have been done!

The most asked question by far was “…is this the new home of Flax – Mill and yourselves in the long run….” or so. Our final answer was shaped during the month we spent there: It isn’t!

The place is beautiful and tranquil beyond doubt. But it has too many things against it when it comes to our work. We considered the pros and contras as detailed and serious as we could, looked at a couple of other premises on offer. The decision has been made: Our house and mill in Lauchhammer / Germany a is the residency number one for the foreseeable future!

We also decided that our strong connection to Ireland will be kept and treasured – personally as well as in our work. Irish Linen is remaining our main product – see below.

Until next February we will still have Glackmore as a rented property but we will spend most of our time here in Germany – our work schedule is very big.

When we meet up next, we will get a lot of detailed talk about this subject, I am sure.

-The flax is home!

We have bought and brought to Brandenburg some of Helen Keys and Charlie Mallon’s amazing home – grown and home – scutched fibers. Not just to have them here as you may imagine.

We are meeting as many people from the world of textile – making, especially spinners, as we can to show them the flax. In the East of Germany where we operate, signs are good that our effort will re – kindle the growing and processing of the world’s best fiber at least in a small way. There was a great past in linen making here. It has been destroyed and “globalized away” (what’s new?) – we are hopeful to bring it back.

Can you picture Irish Flax being turned in to linen here in Germany? The best of two countries – in the best sense of the word!

-The very best of two countries so far has been our hand – woven pure woolen blankets.

We have been using warp – yarn from Bavaria recently and woven in the beautiful chunky hand – spun weft made by Christine Casey from County Down. As we write this, a (much needed, we are almost out of blankets again) warp is being made and Christine’s beautiful new batch of weft–yarn, purchased at the Yard–Fest, is here and ready for the shuttle.

-Several friends and customers have been asking us about “carbon footprint” with stuff been shifted between Ireland and Germany. We are of course aware of that, try to move things with people who are “travelling anyway”, use carriers who are conscious of energy saving and clean fuels and purchase locally made goods wherever possible.

Hermann can’t shift it all on the bicycle (though he still rocks heavy with bike and Trailor) but we operate as soft on the environment as we can – certainly much softer than those who shift helicopters, tanks and weapons from here to Ukraine and other places!

So much for today, one last information for our regular customers: Due to the shifting of looms and a “new” (made in the 1950s) power – loom being installed here in Lauchhammer we have taken a little brake from making a couple of machine – loom – woven linens, “Derrylane” amongst them. They are in (limited)stock and will be back full scale in about 3 months’ time from now.

I hope we will keep in good contact, visit our web – page ( ), give us a call anytime ( 0049 – 3574 – 4675651 ) or best: Come and visit us, for example, on Nov. 17th when we introduce the new flax to many people here in a public meeting /concert /great session!!

Rosenweg 2, 01979 Lauchhammer, Brandenburg, Germany. I promise you: The coffee, the home – baked cake and the crack will be as good as ever!

Love over Gold!

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