We wish you the golden Thread

“Wherever your shuttle may fly
I wish a long life to your loom
I wish you the golden thread
That’s spun from the sun to the moon.”

Please take this wonderful line from one of Colum Sands’ songs as our wish for the new year.

After our (very disappointing in more ways than one) attempt to shift Flax Mill to Donegal last summer, we have spent quite a bit of time at the “drawing board”.

The decision was made that for the foreseeable future our main place of production and living will remain in Brandenburg. At the same time our strong connection to linen – making in Ireland will be kept as well as some making of fabric and of course our links to the daughters and grand – children.

This will change later on – we still intend to spend at least a sizeable portion of our older days on the island. But a better infrastructure and no hasty decisions have to be in place for that.

For those readers who can’t make any sense from this – don’t worry and read on!

Flax – Mill is as busy as ever (what’s new?) – here are a few details on our recent making of linen and other natural fabrics.

– The hand – woven blankets from pure wool (our longest running finished product) are back and (at least while we write this) in good stock. Our “commission spinner”, Christine Casey, has made lots of amazingly beautiful wool and I have used every bit of it. She is spinning more, while we tell you this.

Linen bags with German embroidery are a newcomer on our shelf. Woven in Ireland, finished to the same size as our “old” bags, local embroiderer Anja Bobe embroidered “Reines Irisches Leinen” (= Pure Irish Linen) in green on them. They look stunning, are very strong and in an attempt to end the everlasting shortage, I made several hundred of them!

New scarves are running on one of the hand – looms. They will be a blend of linen and wool with a number of pure linen ones added. No two scarves will be the same as always.

– Lots of activity on the “cloth front”. I have designed and made two new power – loom – woven fabrics and three hand – woven ones, all from pure Irish linen yarn. A fourth hand – woven one is on the loom at the moment.

Finally, and to make sure you don’t think we do nothing but weaving here:

We are preparing a large and high-quality gathering (and many other activities such as flowers for our colleagues…) for International Women’s Day on March 8th.

We are going to have a number of visitors from Ireland for the day – maybe you want to be one of them? For all details give us a buzz ( 0049 – 3574 – 4675651 ) or send us a mail at Flaxmill@gmx.net.

Hoping to meet up with you very soon

Love over Gold! – ljubov dorozhe solata (that’s Russian for it, our friend Wolle Klötzer taught me)


and the gang at Flax – Mill

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