The World’s oldest Vegan Product

We’d like to introduce mankind’s oldest manufactured product to you – it’s also the oldest vegan product to our knowledge: Linen!

“The aristocrat of textiles” as Ireland’s famous writer and linen – manufacturer Wallace Clark called it, is a lot more than just a fabric based on plants, it does not require any animal products at all from growing the raw material (flax) to the complex finishing – process of the cloth.

The result is strong, beautiful, “with an appearance as varied and attractive as an Irish landscape” (W. Clark). It has as many uses as no other textile – fabric.Here at County Derry’s only active linen – weaving – mill we make linen on both hand- and machine looms. We try to use as much locally spun yarn as at all possible and our cloth-finishers (Clarks), the oldest Irish company in linen, know well how to give the aristocrat the “final touch” without any unnecessary and unhealthy chemicals and indeed without using any animal products.

We manufacture cloth in a number of designs and for a number of good uses:
Table – ware, clothes, bed – spreads, cushion covers, handkerchiefs, to mention but few.

Check us out, we’ll gladly send swatch-samples.

If you’d like to come and see us working, be welcome at any time.

I am Vegan myself and so is my husband who works at the mill – it is always a particular pleasure to introduce the aristocratic fabric to fellow vegans.

I hope to welcome you here soon

Love over Gold

Marion Baur,
Owner of Flax Mill Textiles

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