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This sweater – in the picture worn by its new owner in France – was hand-knitted by Marion Baur. The wool – in this case spun by “West Yorkshire Spinners” – is undyed, using one of the various shades the Jacobs sheep gives naturally. The four horned sheep are not very common on these shores, their fleeces make for some of the warmest and most durable wool though. We are displaying this unique product to give you an idea about the “nature of our shop”:
Filling baskets with numerous “anonymous” products is not what we aim for.Our finished pieces – most of them made from our own linen –are of high quality and should really please the individual buyer. On the “knitting front”, the next project will be another jumper made from Jacobs’s wool. This time a batch of hand-spun yarn which blends various shades will make for the amazing raw material.Lorna Shannon (Cloughmills), spinner of distinction and secretary of the “Ulster Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers” produced it. Marion Baur will again work the needles to manufacture the piece.

Hand – or Machine – knitted?

We do both and both in very small quantities – weaving doesn’t leave us much time.

Finer yarns, especially Irish Linen, lend themselves to being knitted on our machine, “chunky stuff” and heavy gauges are better done by hand.

How to shop for textiles best?

We still think good textiles – cloth and finished items – are best purchased after touching, seeing, feeling them. For this reason we recommend a visit to the mill above all other forms of shopping.

We aim to be there for you at any time.

If that’s not possible, we send orders to anywhere of course and we’ll gladly send you swatch-samples if it is cloth you are looking for.

Just give us a ring or send us a mail.

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