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just short of our next newsletter which is going out in a week from today with some spectacular news, I thought, this might find your interest. As always, don’t be shy to pass it on or use it in your internet – presence.

Writing books bound in Irish Linen

There’s no textile – fabric which has found as many practical uses in its long history as Irish Linen. Anything from fine Ladies’ handkerchiefs to wings of light aeroplanes(!!!) have been made from it.

After thousands of years one might think, there are no “new uses” for “the aristocrat of textiles” (Wallace Clark). Far failed who believes that.

In recent years a new generation of textile – designers- many of them based here in the North of Ireland – have made use of the unique health-properties of linen (no chemicals needed in the manufacturing process, no static loading etc…) for products like bread – bags, baby – slings and even underwear to mention but few. On our internet – page  you can find the story of a very good bread – bag made from Irish Linen.

One of the most decorative and at the same time practical linen – based creations we came across recently are note- and writing books bound in linen woven here. Strong and very beautiful is a mild way of describing the amazing pieces made by Belfast based textile crafter Marta Kocon.
Marta (Polish born) combines very high manufacturing skills with a most unusual eye for colours. She has been proofing that for years now, her stall at St. Georges Market in Belfast is now a hub for linen-lovers.

The books (from note-book – size to A4 writing books)are putting the jewel into the crown of her product – range!

Marta can be contacted at her stall in St. Georges Market (Sat.) or through Flax – Mill. We also keep a few of her books on show here.

It makes for a great feeling to sit and write down your thoughts (like these here) in a beautiful linen – bound book.

Enjoy one – they are worth it!

Love over Gold


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