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1st September 2018 / Open Day 2018

The blood – pressure is rising – last minute news before the 25th!

Friends, valued customers, fellow crafters and textile - workers! As every year, here are some "last minute news" before the...
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24th August 2018 / Open Day 2018

Breathing life into ghosts: thoughts on the upcoming concert

I asked Isabel Neuenfeldt, Dearbhla Mc Taggart and Joe Kelly questions ahead of the world – premiere of “Danny Boys...
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23rd August 2018 / Open Day 2018

Exhibitions, Experiments and A Ghost Story!

Dear friends, valued customers, colleagues in the textile-industry, Less than 3 weeks before the 25th Open Day and Yard -...
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30th July 2018 / Open Day 2018

Open Day Programme 2018 – Last Minute News!

Celtic Tigers – real ones There has always been a “Celtic element” at our Yard – Fest and – increasingly...
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27th July 2018 / Open Day 2018

Open Day Concert Programme 2018

David Mc Clean – Dearbhla Mc Taggart – Willie Drennan – Diane Wilson – Bernard Davis – Aileen Mc Intyre...
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10th July 2018

High praise from the talented Deborah Toner

Deborah is a highly skilled artisan in the art of architectural embroidery and a fellow enthusiast of Irish Linen. She...
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6th July 2018 / Open Day 2018

25th Flax Mill OPEN DAY!

Saturday, September 8th, 2018 At Derrylane Flax Mill from 10am to 6pm Open Day Programme 2018 pdf Programme The cream...
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15th June 2018

The Cream of Fashion at Flax – Mill

The annual fashion show at Derrylane Flax – Mill outside Dungiven has become a trend – setting event in recent...
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10th June 2018

“Earthed” unearthed

As from today onwards Flax – Mill is stocking, selling and promoting – on these shores and through our outlet...
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31st May 2018

Not following trends – setting them

Dear friends, fellow crafters and textile-workers, dear valued customers and colleagues in the media, Spring has finally arrived here –...
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17th May 2018

Hand-woven Irish Linen Quilts in Vancouver Exhibition

Sinead Black of Brocolage Quilts has created beautiful quilts from our hand-woven linen and is currently promoting the benefits of...
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