I hope you started the new one well

Dear friends, fellow crafters, dear valued customers and colleagues in textile-making!

Just short of our new year newsletter (in which we will be dealing with a few very urgent things such as “Flax Mill after Brexit…” and others) which will be out next week – here are our best wishes for 2019! I hope you had a great start and will be keeping well and busy in the coming 12 months!

Except for the little 21st of December – Solstice – gathering (which we loved – again our thanks to Tiernan, Steve, Sarah and Christine for loveable crack and contributions!!!!) there was no break to be had here – we kept extraordinarily busy right through the “Season”.
Not a bad complaint I suppose, sometimes one wonders whether to take the speed down a bit but sure, wouldn’t it just make us rust?

The most looked for- and even given the time unusually high demanded – product of the mill (besides cloth of course)- were scarves, we almost ran out.
As a result we have had two looms running over the season just for the purpose and a new range is now ready – no cold necks this winter!!

I constructed the new beauties from a pure linen warp and wove in different noble fibres:
– The locally sourced (and loved) Alpaca yarn in brown, white and black.
– some fine linen of course and, new in our range:
– Scarves made with hand-spun pure wool by Christine Casey.

After the great success of the blankets (see our last news-letter), the master – spinner went “a count or two finer” on the wheel. The result is as spectacular as the yarn I used in the blankets. No need to tell you that the bespoke pieces will be gone soon. We have also made some real “one-offs” from machine – woven cloth, mostly linen.

We will speak to you soon – let us know how you getting on and don’t forget: In less than 9 months time we will gather here for Yard – Fest No. 26!!!

love over gold


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