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Derrylane, Dungiven, Dec. 17th 2018

“…The days and the hours soon turn into seasons
The months and the weeks soon turn into years….”

Writing this “end of year 2018” newsletter called for the quote from a song by the giant Scottish singer Dick Gaughan. When you look at the fact that the Open Day/Yard Fest in September was number 25 (!!) you wonder: Where have the seasons gone?

Before we give you a first outlook onto number 26 (maybe not the definitely last one – but one of them….) and a few memorable “highlights” of the year, I’d like to say this:

From all of us here at Flax Mill the very best wishes to you. Have a joyful end of the old and a good start of the New Year!

May peace and joy be with you all!

For us 2018 will go into the “archives” as a year we won’t call superb but one we won’t have major complaints about either (mind you, this could have been much different, had Hermann’s severe injury not been so quickly and fully cured…).

Before we talk “26 = 30” here are – totally random – a few “key happenings” of 2018:

  • – Our good friends Steff and Stoib got married (hard to believe) – proper viking – style of course.
  • – Our good friend Rainer turned up at the Yard Fest despite very severe illness, his surprise gig during the concert will remain unforgotten!
  • – Our good friend David, legendary blacksmith and – with his daughter Danna – several times demonstrating crafter at the Open Day died totally unexpected in November.
  • – Our good friend Jim took the pilot seat at one of our looms this Open Day – at 76 he’s coming out of retirement!
  • – Our daughter Fiona is expecting her second child; from next April on, young Farrah will have a brother or a sister!
  • – Travis qualified for the world championship in Darts (under 18).
  • – Our new web-page is proving a full success – tribute to the skills of Tiernan Stuart.
  • – Our “commission spinner” Christine has been supplying us with the most amazing hand-spun and hand-dyed yarn for the full year now. In our range of woollen blankets, it makes for super pieces, demand is very hard to fulfil.
  • – From the beginning of this month, the car has a brake here – Bicycles are the means of transport at Flax Mill. We feel that talking climate and environment is one thing – “doing what we say” is more important!
  • – Hermann is back to writing. After a break which had been caused by both frustration and health problems, he is lifting the pen again. Last articles:
    Gleicher Gegner”, in German, “Unsere Zeit”, Dec. 7th.
    Before that a much commented on interview with Deborah Toner “Knowing the Hands that touched it”, in English, “County Derry Post”.
    His next projects: An interview with Jeremy Corbyn and a feature on the situation in Bangladesh.

So much for “looking back”, here are the first snippets of information on Open Day and Yard Fest number 26 on Saturday, September 14th 2019!
After the huge success of no. 25 – both in numbers and content – with a boiling atmosphere, we are sitting here, steam coming out of our heads. To try and top what happened this year is a “Mountain to climb”. We will manage though!!

  • – For the concert we have one definitive returner on stage already booked: Isabel Neuenfeldt (Berlin)! It had to be done, after the dream – performance last September!
  • – We are “working at” a very big musical act for 2019, here are – exclusively for you – a few names we are talking to:
    The Sands Family, Cara Dillon, Arlo Guthrie (!!) and/or his daughter Sarah – Lee Guthrie….
    By the middle of January, we aim to have the line up on stage tied up, wish us luck!
  • – On the crafters – side we are delighted that all but 2 of the 20 visiting master crafters of this year have already applied for a stall! That makes for the fastest ever “booked out” Open Day ever
    Note for crafters: If you are not sure whether your name is on the list, give us a buzz very soon!
  • – One spectacular newcomer on the textile – side of thing was confirmed just a few days ago: Carol Barras, owner of the famous “Maggie Collins Collection” label will take a stall and be one of our “special guest designers” during the Fashion Show.
  • – Talking about it: Vasiliki Carson, Greek beauty with a base in Belfast will take to the cat – walk!!

Enough to water your mouth?

Needless to say that I would love to meet you long before September 14th 2019! Keep in touch, let us know how life is treating you and don’t forget: Our door is open for you at any time!!

Love over Gold!


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