A few answers and some elegant garments

Friends, fellow textile – workers,
since our last mail about the “seasonal” (or not) nature of our products there has been a very active “life” on our mail – account – and indeed at the mill with an unusual number of people calling, given the time of the year.
We will be sending out a little newsletter before the end of the year, here are just a few answers to questions frequently asked within the last couple of weeks:
– Are you open right through the season?
We are as always and we are happy about visitors all the time.
There are many dates I (and also Hermann at times) have to attend, so it is good to give us a ring before you intend to come: 02877742655. Just to be sure we both are here – or at least one of us.
– Is there space left at your solstice – dinner?
There is but only very little. We won’t have a huge crowd here, just nice, cosy and ready to welcome the shorter days in style! Potatoe-soup a’ la’ Marion is one of the numerous items on the menu, just by the way – a dish you will find very hard to stop eating!! We “kick of” at 7 pm.
– Is there space at Bruce Clark’s birthday event in Bellaghy?
We think so – Bruce is away in Greece but we’ll be communicating with him very soon and let you know if you ask us again.
– Where can we see more of Deborah Toner’s work?
A lot of interest was generated from a recent article on Deborah’s work.  Though her website is the best place to explore her latest creations we’re glad be able to whet your appetite with a few pictures from her Iosta range made from our linen! Click on one to see the mini-slideshow.
So much for the most asked questions – just one remark on stock here: Cloth from certified organic flax is back but only a small quantity. We had a bit of yarn left from the first batch and wove it, knowing that the next availability of the yarn won’t be to next year, around July or so…Also some yarn spun from our own flax is here now – I’ll be weaving it into (mostly hand-woven) cloth and table-ware. Last: Our incredible “commission – spinner” Christine Casey has supplied us with more hand – spun and hand – dyed pure wool. As always it is of a quality and colours beyond compare. The very special hand-woven blankets for the next while are thereby secured (tht’s if I can find space on a loom).
Speak to you very soon, let us know how you are getting on in this cold and wet time,
Love over Gold

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