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Friends, fellow crafters and textile workers,

We are due to send out a little newsletter but things have been so busy here that it will have to wait for a few days.

So – in this open mail – just one of the most asked about topics of the last couple of weeks:

Handwoven blankets are back!

We received a number of mails and phone – calls from people who thought we had run out of our “famous” handwoven blankets from pure wool.

This was never the case, both blankets from (machine woven) teed – style wool and the chunky hand-woven ones are in stock and have been. What we are out of are one type of the latter:

Blankets constructed with hand-spun and hand – dyed yarn in the weft sold so quickly that one week (!!) after the last run was finished, they were gone.

We reacted immediately, I am “interrupting” a run of Irish linen cloth we are weaving on the same loom. It consists of two warps and is due to be beetled at Clarks. The first batch is coming off the loom tonight and Hermann has made a woolen warp to be beamed on tomorrow.

In about 10 days time from now we will have a small run of the much loved blankets ready. This mad action was only possible because our “commission spinner” Christine Casey put in extra shifts at both spinning wheel and dye – pot to supply us with another batch of her amazing yarn.

Demand for the blankets is big and the very limited number I am making now is the last batch for 2018!!

For those friends who didn’t get – now is the time to give us a shout.
The warp is “random” (in other words very colourful) and Christine’s new batch of weft – yarn is of a quality and colours to lie down for!

Please feel free to pass this mail on to friends and make sure you check out our internet – page ( for regular news and interesting blogs. Our web – master has put together a very pretty gallery of pictures from both Open Day and Yard – Fest.

Speak to you soon in more detail

Love over Gold


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