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20th May 2020

Charlie’s Potatoes, Beaten Linen and the Golden Thread

The day we started writing this little newsletter a customer from Germany phoned us and asked: “Have you any of...
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18th April 2020

Some good news amongst all the chaos

Dear friends, We hope this little newsletter finds you well and looking forward to the absurd times we have been...
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24th March 2020

Still open for business!

Dear fellow crafters and textile workers, valued customers, dear friends, we just want to reassure you all that all is...
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8th March 2020


Dear fellow crafters and textile workers, valued customers, dear friends, “Spring is different but hope dies last” would be the...
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3rd March 2020

Bread and Roses!

Local Textile Workers active on International Women’s Day 2020 The courageous and successful strikes by textile workers in the shirt...
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20th February 2020 / Open Day 2020

Iconic German painter exhibiting in Ireland for the first time

News just came that one of the most profiled German artists, Ursula “Ula” Richter will exhibit some of her paintings...
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30th January 2020

Songs of the Shipyard

Poet, photographer and Friend of The Flax Mill, Bernard S. Davis from Birmingham, just sent us a  link (see below)...
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26th January 2020

The salt of the earth

Friends, between two newsletters (our Spring one will be out towards the end of February), here are a few little...
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14th December 2019 / Open Day 2020

We wish you the Golden Thread

Here at Flax Mill we have never been known to do or say many “seasonal” things. Except for our Winter-Solstice-Gathering...
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24th November 2019

Flaxfield in the winter

Friends, valued customers, just short of our annual "end of year" newsletters, this is to respond to an unusually large...
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14th October 2019 / Open Day 2020

Warming News for the Cooler Days!

Dear friends, valued customers, dear fellow crafters and textile-workers! Our first “major” communication since the 26th Open Day and Yard...
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2nd October 2019 / Open Day 2019

Isa sings at The Shipyard!

Many thanks to all at The Derry Post for giving us permission to share their article on how Berlin's favourite...
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9th September 2019 / Open Day 2019

Open Day – last minute news!

Friends, valued customers, fellow crafters and textile-workers! Many of you have read the Open Day Programme and Concert Programme, and...
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23rd August 2019 / Open Day 2019

There’s power in the Union!

Friends, between two mail-shots, here is some very up - to date information you should have. I want to give...
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16th August 2019 / Open Day 2019

Important news before all goes mad at Flax Mill

Friends, A month from today before the 26th Flax Mill Open Day and Yard Fest on September 14th are going...
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29th July 2019 / Open Day 2019

The Open Day 2019 Programmes are here!

Without further ado, download full details about the big day at The Flax Mill on Saturday 14th of September  in the...
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27th July 2019 / Open Day 2019

Praise for Open Day 2019 support of beetling

We are pleased to share the comments of two members of The Clark Family, Bruce and Tim,  in praise of...
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3rd May 2019 / Open Day 2019

Game of Thrones and a few other news

Friends, just at the verge of getting ready for the Shanes Castle event we have a huge mail-volume here. Many...
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26th April 2019

Large interest in Shanes Castle Event continues

Friends, I hope this finds you well - may I use this opportunity to wish you a good and relaxing...
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3rd April 2019

Many questions – some answers

Friends, I hope this finds you well. Our last little newsletter created an unusually large response, more than twice as...
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19th March 2019


Dear friends, valued customers, dear fellow crafters and textile-workers! Overdue (as a few people called it in recent days) -...
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15th March 2019 / ethics

An ethical approach – women’s rights and combating climate change

Hermann and Marion Baur, the couple who form the living dynamo behind Flax Mill's success, are just as passionate about...
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30th January 2019

Small Steps towards a better Infra-Structure

Dear friends, valued customers, dear fellow crafters and textile-workers, The Burns – Night is over and so is (we hope)...
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11th January 2019

I hope you started the new one well

Dear friends, fellow crafters, dear valued customers and colleagues in textile-making! Just short of our new year newsletter (in which...
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19th December 2018 / Open Day 2019

The Days and the Hours

Flax Mill News Flax Mill News Flax Mill News Flax Mill News Derrylane, Dungiven, Dec. 17th 2018 “…The days and...
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3rd December 2018

A few answers and some elegant garments

Friends, fellow textile - workers, since our last mail about the "seasonal" (or not) nature of our products there has...
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18th November 2018

Are your Products Seasonal?

We’ve been asked this question many times in recent weeks – it happens every year. The answer is a clear...
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30th October 2018

Deborah Toner – putting Irish Linen back on the map

With the kind permission of The Derry Post we bring you the excellent interview with Deborah Toner, a bright star...
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20th October 2018

Blankets back and other news

Friends, fellow crafters and textile workers, We are due to send out a little newsletter but things have been so...
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5th October 2018 / Open Day 2018

Big media – response to 25th Yard – Fest and Open Day

Dear friends, valued customers, fellow crafters and textile-workers, The waves have calmed a little, the Flax – Mill is back...
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