Praise for Open Day 2019 support of beetling

We are pleased to share the comments of two members of The Clark Family, Bruce and Tim,  in praise of our continuing campaign to promote beetling as a desirable and environmentally friendly means to improve the lustre and appearance of our linen. Hermann describes the benefits of beetling in the essay of the Open Day 2019 theme, “In Praise of the Wooden Block“. Find Bruce and Tim’s thoughts on the essay below.


Dear Hermann, Marion and Tim

Can I add my own words of thanks and hearty agreement with Hermann’s essay in praise of the wooden block?

Every time I drop into the Flax Coffee Shop I feel a surge of pleasure as the rumble of the beetling engines reaches my ears. I warmly congratulate all those who have been involved in the noble task of saving beetling in the nick of time.

As my own small contribution to celebrating this important part of our heritage, I have encouraged a local seamstress and craft worker, Jill Gurney, to design some item which shows off the “dry-beetling” finish to good event. She has created an attractive A5-sized linen pouch and I am glad to say that it is selling briskly at Ardtara, the Flax Coffee Shop and a couple of local guest houses.

Tim will have long forgotten this but when we were all at primary school he had a particular liking for a hymn whose chorus was: “You in your small corner, and I in mine!….”

So, over 50 years on, let me happily repeat those words….”You in your small corner, and I in mine…..”

very best to all



Dear Hermann and Marion,

Just a quite email to thank you for your supportive words and for including us in your excellent initiative “In praise of the wooden block”.

As you may have heard, we have recently completed the creation of a new beetling beam in house at William Clark and Sons, this having purchased a beech log from a timber yard, turned this down on our giant lathe, fitted the rings and gudgeons and installed this onto one of the Road Engines…

Here’s wishing you good luck for your Open Day.

Thank you again,

With best regards,


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