The salt of the earth


between two newsletters (our Spring one will be out towards the end of February), here are a few little items which should find your interest:

– New hand-woven linen just coming off the loom this week.
We call it Salt of the Earth. The warp is a two ply (Belfast spun) yarn of an earthy brown colour with a hint of copper in it. As weft we are using an oatmeal yarn with white slubs which remind you of little salt crystals. The medium weight one off linen is quite amazing looking and won’t be here for long, 60 metres only are being woven!

– Flax Field I is on the way back into our shelves – I have never sold as much of one hand-woven fabric, the second run was out in no time, now the warp is made (a touch heavier than the previous runs), as soon as the “Salt” is off the fly – shuttle loom, it’s going on.

What do we learn from that? Flax Mill is extremely busy, we are in the procedure of taking on a new member of the team.

When I am not at the looms I do some Celtic cross – stitching on white basket – woven linen. We’ll soon spoil you with a good picture or two of that on our web-page.

The web-page is as busy as the mill – our webmaster Tiernan is a real gem. New and more product-examples will be going on very shortly. Also, check our blog-section and you’ll find some good surprises soon.

Love over Gold


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