Large interest in Shanes Castle Event continues

I hope this finds you well – may I use this opportunity to wish you a good and relaxing Easter – holiday!

The unusually large interest in our presence and working demonstration during the May Day Steam Event at Shanes Castle on May 5th and 6th (see our last mail-shot and aditional informations given afterwards…) continues, the media have very keen to find out what we are doing.
We told them and the first comprehensive (and very nicely presented) report we saw is in this week’s “County Derry Post“.
I would recommend it – good reading.

Should your newsagent not have the “Post”, click on the image of the article below to get a copy in pdf format.

See you at Shanes Castle, if not before

Love over Gold


Our next “Flax Mill News” in English, French and German will be out straight after Easter – with the highlights for Yard – Fest number 26 on September 14th!!!

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