blue linen, van the man and a baby boy

Friends, valued customers, fellow textile workers and crafters,

We’ll stay short of a “Flax Mill newsletter” – just a short mail to say we are fine, busy and well recovered from the great Open Day.
Please pass this on to whoever you think should have it.

1.) I am half way through a run of new hand-woven linen. It’s an unusual one: All Irish spun yarn (not unusual for us) woven in a “large diamond” shape. The loom is set in reversed twill for that. Dark blue substancial yarn and a great shine from the heavy cloth.
Will be off the loom this coming weekend! Short run and only as long as stock lasts!

2.) Hermann is full way through a substancial piece of writing and back from his hiding place. The title (where else in the world would you get a headline like that??): “Takes a Belfast man to think out of the box – Not in defence but in praise of Van Morrison or: Northern Ireland can shine in those dark days!

After the publication of Van’s “Born to be Free” and a flood of folk wanting Hermann’s take on it we thought “time to put some basic thoughts together”. The health minister has got a copy and so have some selected friends and artists we know, work with….

It’s not going onto our web – page and not being sent out like a newsletter either.

If you want a copy, just let us know and you will get one – please have a little patience, there are many (and I mean many!!) requests for it.

It couldn’t be done on half a page but Hermann has tried hard to keep it within limits and stick to the main points. The debate will be interesting to say the least. And: Isn’t it very needed?

3.) One of our favourite young musicians, Irish Harp player Dearbhla Mc Taggart – many of you know her from Yard Fests – had a baby boy. That’s all we know so far – CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Speak to you very soon



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