Vegan Quiche, Shift Work in the mill and open Doors!

Friends, fellow crafters and textile-workers, valued customers!

Our last – just not a full “Flax Mill News” – mail got a tremendous response, many thanks for that.

We are still scratching our heads as to whether it was the title (“Blue Linen, Van the Man and a Baby Boy”), or Hermann’s piece of writing on a lot more than Van Morrison’s new songs, or whether it was my newly designed (now woven) blue linen (wishful thinking) which trickled such a big number of answers. Hermann is still sending out copies of his “Born to be Free” document, as we said at the time, only on request and sent individually. There has been a “second wave” during last week, I suppose due to more “stumbling back and forward” by government. Be it as it may – here are some news from within and around County Derry’s only active Linen Weaving Mill:

– First and Foremost

After more confusing guide-lines, “recommendations” and growing frustration by many people we thought a short statement from us here at Flax Mill might help.
Our doors were, are and will be open for anyone who wants to come and see our products and our weaving!
“Changed times” some people tell us; I dare say: Our coffee hasn’t!
So much for that and no more!

– Almost a shortage of hand-woven scarves!

October has been extremely busy for us so far. We are actually debating to take on another employee for the small team. With all the cloth-making we almost ran dry of scarves, especially linen ones.

As we write this we are changing that – next week will see a brand – new range of hand-woven beauties on the shelf. My great colleague Emma who returned for the Open Day in September is not here right now – she had made a good start and I decided to finish the run. We are using the Don Porritt loom; the warp is constructed of pure linen. The very strong yarn – spun in County Armagh – is arranged in stripes of dark blue and forest green.

We are weaving a variety of materials in, one being hand-spun Alpaca. The incredible yarn was made by Christine Casey who also dyed it at her own workshop in shades of orange and pink. It looks amazing and feels heavenly – take that from a Vegan

We also have ones of pure linen, some with a little Egyptian cotton wefted in – a nice range I think. Needless to say they are only here as long as stock lasts which – judging by the interest – won’t be too long.

– Natural Linen in big demand!

We have added a medium weight machine woven fabric in natural/oatmeal to our range. A new “brown” hand-woven cloth is also in stock now.

Undyed linen is still one of the favourite fabrics amongst our customers. It has many uses – from the “traditional” architectural embroidery by the amazing Deborah Toner who is now being assisted by Barney (1 ½ years old and a real gem, he came to visit us at Flax Mill) to re-usable face – wipes to take your make-up off which are soon being produced on the Isle of Wight. Even shoe – bags are made from “brown” linen, we produce them for a very special shoe maker

We have added some table ware from natural linen to our own little range of finished products here at the mill.

– Last but certainly not least: The “Turning” is looming!

As the dark long evenings are getting darker and longer we are – as every year – looking at and for the “turning” – Winter Solstice.
And as every year we will have a small gathering here at the mill.

The welcoming of the new energies is badly needed (after a year like this one maybe even a little bit more) and our celebration of that will happen – also as every year – in style and with a small circle of invited guests.

We’ve chosen real gems (all new ones) for the meal this year: A square of quiche, vegan style, as a starter, soup made of…. HOLD ON, these are supposed to be surprises!

If you want to join us on Saturday, December 19th, let us know very soon, so we can get prepared.

I hope to meet up with you soon

Love over Gold


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