Concert programme: Here Comes the Night!

In a year like this when many wheels seemed to turn from round to square and run (or not) accordingly, it takes large effort to put a memorable, a pleasing and a meaningful gig together. I think, we have managed despite the “square wheels”.

Judge for yourself:

– Isa’s back!

After last year’s incredible performance, we tried everything to get Berlin’s number 1 singer, accordionist and performer back to the Flax Mill. Joy was huge when the flight had been booked finally.

Her new programme is going to set our specially selected audience hopping- that’s our promise!

Isabel Neuenfeldt is bringing George, her accordion, many new songs, some of last year’s favourites, and most importantly maybe: She is delighted to be with us, “I can’t wait” was her comment on the phone last week.

– Bernard S. Davis (poetry) is returning!

The Birmingham based poet and photographer is no stranger to Flax Mill. He is going to perform a coup-le of poems you haven’t heard before – performance and poetry blends in a unique manner with Bernard.

Now look at this one:

He has been a guest and excellent contributor to our session last year (indeed the year before as well). We were very taken by his songs – “Another day falling down just the same old way” (what a title!) which is based on observations of homeless people in Galway and Dublin blew our minds. “Asking doesn’t cost” we thought and here’s the result: Joe Mcgonigle live and on stage!

The singer/guitarist from County Derry, now residing “up on a mountain” in Donegal, is a real powerhouse when it comes to writing songs, his meaningful lyrics, earthy style of guitar-playing and distinct voice create an “Arlo Guthrie style” atmosphere at times. We are delighted to have Joe in concert for the first time.

Music starts at 8 pm (sharp) – before that (from 6pm): The best of dinner and buffet you have ever seen – our catering brigade calls it “power for your immune system when we all need it” this time.

Note: As the Open Day Yard Fest is a private event and the owner reserves the right to refuse admission at all times.

As always but this year (for space reasons) even more so an invitation is necessary!

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