Important news before all goes mad at Flax Mill


A month from today before the 26th Flax Mill Open Day and Yard Fest on September 14th are going to rock the old place one more time again!

We will send out our newsletter with all the “last minute stuff”, special guests etc… in 2 weeks time.

In the meantime we thought a bit of information from behind the scene at the mill and a few spectacular news – snippets would find your interest.

Before we do that (in a straight mail this time, just to save a bit of time which it always takes, putting “Flax Mill News” together):

The very best regards to you – wherever you may be at this point – and let me tell you: I am getting very excited about meeting you again during our Open Day and Fest!

World-Premiere – amazing interview out in the media this week.
Most of you have read the programme(s) and are aware about the unique cooperation between Berlin singer/songwriter/accordionist Isabel Neuenfeld and local writer/composer Joe Kelly!

“Caring for the Green” is now complete – we won’t hear the melody until Isabel steps out onto the stage but the lyrics are here (see back page of the concert-programme). Isa has given Hermann an interview which is absolutely amazing and will hit the media this week. Indeed the “County Derry Post” has it first (out yesterday). Not surprising – they first published Joe’s original version of the lyrics which Isa added to since.
We have not experienced as big an interest in anything that happened here – dozens upon dozens of mails show how serious the climate – disaster is being taken by people and also how big the need is for the arts – scene to make a statement!

The concert during the Yard Fest will be even more packed than usual and I would urge those who haven’t clearly told us that they are staying for the evening gig to do it right now!!
We are going to call it “booked out” very shortly!

Anyone who can’t get the “Post”, let us know, we’ll try and get one to you.

Fashion Show booked out!
Technically “Northern Ireland’s only real alternative Cat – Walk” is booked out – the marquee just won’t hold any more than we have on the list! We have kept a few places “in the back of the sleeve” – if you aren’t sure whether you are “in” contact us now!

Maria Cardenas is back!
The great tailor from Colombia with a base in County Down turned visitor’s heads last year with a white linen dress she showed during the Fashion Show. A bit late – due to a pile of work and a long time in Colombia – she has asked us now to be one of our “Special Guest Designers” again. Of course we were delighted and gave her a “yes” though she isn’t mentioned on the Fashion Show Flyer.
Please pass this information on to many friends!
We don’t know what she will be showing – we do know it’s going to be beautiful! Alongside Sarah Foster-Jarden, Catherine Thompson, Christine Casey and Sarah Logan, Maria is a great completion of our list of special guests who show one bespoke creation each.

So much for now,



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