Not following trends – setting them

Dear friends, fellow crafters and textile-workers, dear valued customers and colleagues in the media,

Spring has finally arrived here – 2 months too late, but it has arrived. We are trying to catch up with work in gardens and ground and with some renovation- and maintenance jobs. First we need to get about 2. 000 plants out which are in greenhouse and conservatory, waiting to get into the garden.

I would like to give you a short overview of the “goings on” at the mill and – just before completion of the programme of our 25th Open Day and Yard Fest on Sept. 8th – let a few spectacular news – snippets out of the (linen-) bag.

  • Pure wool boucle off the hand-loom.

Several readers of this will be pleased to find that our chunky pure woollen boucle cloth is back, in new colours. I used Irish spun yarn only, the base-colour is red some whites and greys blended in. The 48 inch (ca. 122cm) wide fabric turned out a real gem; our top-beater loom (made by Don Porritt) proved its quality for wool-weaving one more time. It won’t be here for long – you may treat yourself quickly!

  • Range of linen tableware complete again.

After our very busy and very pleasant demonstration at Shanes Castle and as a result of many people visiting Flax Mill our (usually large and well – selected) range of linen tableware – especially handwoven pieces – had gone down to about half of the “normal” quantity. (I am not sure if “normal” is the right word for a stock of well over 500 single items, “mad” might be more suitable…).

We put in a good number of extra shifts and are happy to tell you that “madness” is fully stocked again, some new colours and designs included.

  • New heavy “brown” linen in the shelve.

One of the heavier machine – woven linens I produced recently is back from the finishers and selling well. Woven as a plain with pure natural yarn it lends itself to upholstery, as well as for cushion-making, heavy bags etc…

Due to our looms being engaged in making finer cloth during the second half of the year, this one has to be declared “as long as stock lasts” for the moment.

Finally on the production – end:

  • Fine linen scarves in various designs and colours you won’t find anywhere are back. Most of the designs are my own, some by Emma Poser.

Our 25th Open Day and Yard Fest on September 8th are looming – we will be able to please you with the complete programme in about 4 weeks’ time. Before that some “last bullet points” to water your mouth:

  • Annie Press stepping on the cat-walk!

One of our youngest models ever is going to turn heads galore, let me assure you!

Annie – her sister Kate modelled for Flax Mill in Berlin 4 years ago – is based in Portaferry and first time involved in our fashion show which – according to the state of bookings at this point – will be attracting people from 12 countries. The young beauty (see attached photograph) is “extremely excited about modelling some of our new creations.

  • Isabel Neuenfeldt’s appearance confirmed!

Insiders have known it for a while now: Re-inviting the mighty singer/accordionist and actress from Berlin was inevitable, given her “out of this world” gig at last year’s Yard Fest. Isabel is coming to Ireland especially for the Yard Fest and will highlight the evening – concert on September 8th!

News of the week:

  • Maria Cardenas outfit shown on the Flax Mill catwalk!

Confirmed just a couple of days ago, the news that the Colombian Taylor with a base in County Down will show one of her bespoke outfits are but proof of the trend-setting nature our fashion show has grown into. A few weeks ago Chris Tyndall (Loft) announced that the “Belfast Jacket” will be shown.

Maria, a third – generation Taylor who is very highly rated the world over will be using one of our models, of course she won’t be drawn into giving away too many details at this stage. We can tell you: Linen made here at Flax Mill will be the base-material. More details in the programme which will be out in 4 weeks’ time.

To conclude, one “good complaint”:

All stalls for the 25th Open Day have been taken, we had to turn a number of applicants away.

To this point we have kept a couple of places for fellow crafters who asked for them last year but have kept patchy contact.

We cannot hold any place which is not definitely confirmed any longer!!!

Please get in touch n o w if you are not sure!


Looking forward to speaking to you soon and meeting up – hopefully long before the Open day!

Love over Gold!



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