No Santas and Precious few Reindeers

…Plenty of red noses though with the cold weather here in Germany.
This is not our favourite time of the year (except one day: Winter Solstice on December 21st, which will see the usual good Flax Mill Gathering, just in Brandenburg this time) but we know that many people value the “season” very high.
From us here (Marion, Hermann, Petra and Nora) the very best greetings go out to you in Ireland and indeed in many other parts of the world!
We are aware that many of our friends and valued customers are waiting for “big news” – they will come very soon as part of our “end of 2022 – start of 2023” Flax Mill Newsletter!
In the meantime, here are but a few “snippets” from our work and our lives:

– New hand-woven blankets from the best wool of both countries!
The last batch of our now longest made finished product didn`t “see the living daylight”, were sold out quicker than ever.
Christine Casey, our superb commission – spinner in County Down has come up with a wondefull batch of hand – spun and self – dyed weft – yarn. Nothing new, but I think her wool is getting better all the time (if that’s possible).
The warp – yarn is from a new (to us) supplier, weaving – and spinning mill Bernegger in the very South of Germany. Their yarn is a perfect match to Christine’s weft.
You can see the first blankets withing the next couple of weeks, I am just getting the fly – shuttle – loom ready for beaming it with wool.
– New blue linen, one of the heavier fabrics from our hand-looms, is just finished and has turned out a real gem. The very limited run (only 32 metres) is on the shelf, first come – first take only!
– Last for now from the “mill – front”: We are back in stock of men’s handkerchiefs! After a bit of shortage – we had under-estimated the demand here in Germany – we have the traditional white ones and new designs of check – patterned ones avaliable again.
On the “private” side of life (whatever that may be…):
We are good and fit, very busy and we sadly miss many of our Irish friends and customers.
Rumors have it that we are making a big move to change that!
About that, we’ll speak very shortly.
Don’t forget to visit Sinead at our great outlet in Belfast (the SHOP button will take you there), have a good and red – nose – free time and keep in touch!

Love over Gold!

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