Two Flaxfields meet

Dear friends, valued customers, fellow crafters and textile-workers!

Due to the large interest – especially in finished products – and the generally very big response to our January – newsletter, we decided to use heads, hands, sewing machines and design table to manufacture a number of new “goodies” which have been added to our range just now. We’d like to introduce a few of them to you in this “mail between the newsletters”.

– Two Flaxfields meet!
When I designed and started to weave “Flax Field”, our most popular handloom-woven linen at present with 8 (!!)colours in the weft (The colours I see when I step into our Flaxfield in bloom), a man “just over the hill” from here had a similar idea.
Duncan Neil, creative director at Clarks (the company who finish a lot of our fabrics) named a digitally printed linen which is part of his “earthed” range of upholstery linens “Flax Field” as well. Totally different from my design the beautifully finished cloth is machine-woven and fully printed.
Instead of arguing who’s Flaxfield came first, which is nicer…and nonsense like that, we have made a small run of cushion-covers here at the mill which combine both fabrics. They are based on the hand-woven linen and finished with a stripe of the printed cloth.
I dare say a unique product which has just gone into our shelves but won’t stay there for too long – as long as stock lasts only!

– Flax Flower on hankies!
We have just re-produced our range of white ladies’ handkerchiefs with a small flax – flower – print in one corner. They had found many lovers and we used the very best fine linen for the new range.
As a contrast we are now offering a range of very colourful (striped) handkerchiefs for both men and women. As always from pure linen they make for lovely pocket squares as well as for “blowing your nose in style”.
Of course our traditional range of handkerchiefs is still available.

-Natural over deep green!
Finally I’d like to draw your attention to our latest hand-woven linen. Made from Irish spun yarn only, the very strong fabric lends itself to making table- ware as well as to fronts for waist-coats, to mention but two uses it will have.
The warp is constructed from an 8’s lea deep green yarn spun in County Armagh, I have used a pure natural 12’s (2 threads in the shuttle) as weft for the pretty looking plain cloth.
6o mtrs. only, as always: First come first take!

A few other gems are “up our sleeves” and we’ll introduce them to you very soon.

We’d like your thoughts on the new creations – give us a ring(02877742655), send us a mail ( or best: Come in to have a good look! I don’t think we need to repeat that we are open fully and there for you all the time.

On Monday, March 8th, I will be out in the streets around Dungiven to show fellow working women our appreciation on International Womens Day!



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