Second supplement to Open Day Programme 2023

On: September 9th 2023
Starting @ 10 am
At: Glackmore, Muff, Co. Donegal
More info here: Open Day 2023

As promised in the programme, here is a bit of detail on our dancing special guest during the evening concert (not during the day, she is only dancing on stage in the evening) Farah Mullan.

Farah is 7 (!!), lives in Limavady and has been dancing traditional Irish since she was “no age”.

She is being taught by the reputed “Mc Guinness School of Dance” and seen as extremely talented. In March this year, she travelled all the way to Brandenburg / Germany to dance to a packed house. Both audience and the Dresden – based musicians who came to play for her were fascinated.

A very special treat to our guests at the 29th Yard – Fest.

– Very large interest in Fest and Open Day:

Please make sure, you let us know (at least roughly) wit how many people you will be coming – interest in the gathering is very big at this stage!

We are delighted that people from 7 different countries have booked so far with more international guests to come.

We have been asked about vegan and vegetarian options during buffet and dinner:
All the food our catering brigade is producing is suitable for vegan and vegetarian visitors!
It is also completely home – made and from the best local ingredients.

– One more great stall at the Open Day!

Rosaleen Mc Clenaghan and her daughter are going to be with us for the first time. We have taken them in because their range of products from pure Alpaca – wool is too good not to have at an Open Day. Scarves, jumpers, snoots are but few of their unique creations – an ideal completion of the wide variety on September the 9th.

For all stalls and demonstrations see our programme and first supplement. Don’t miss our “last minute mail shot” in just under two weeks.

Love over Gold!

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