Last Minute News

On: September 9th 2023
Starting @ 10 am
At: Glackmore, Muff, Co. Donegal
More info here: Open Day 2023


The preparations for our 29th Open – Day and Yard – Fest are going into the “hot phase”, all of us involved are getting very excited. The absurd weather has been making things difficult out here – but we will beat it (what’s new?) one more time again!

Here are – in a straight mail for easy and quick (and hopefully enjoyable) reading a few “last minute news”.

– Spectacular photos by Randolph Oechslein (Hof, Germany) on exhibition!
The textile – worker (yarn spinner) and price – winning photographer did a photo – shooting of me working the fly – shuttle loom in Lauchhammer / Brandenburg in June. The result was a hailed exhibition which was up for one month over there. We brought 20 of the pictures to Ireland, they will be on show for the Open – Day only.

– Another Stall added to the range!
Hester Mc Cunn and Rosemary Henderson are very distinguished textile – crafters who have been using linen woven by Flax – Mill for quite some time. They have been keeping the contents of their stall kind of hidden which tells us there will be amazing things and surprising creations at it. We are delighted to welcome them.
Their presence at the Open Day makes it 14 stalls in total – a powerfull turnout of the Cream of Crafters.
For all stalls see “The cream of crafters” in the programme.

– Very big interest in the Fashion Show!
Several people have asked whether there could be a second showing – the answer is a straight “no”. We want our models to enjoy the Open Day (going out on the cat-walk isn’t just easy) and our helpers are extremely busy to prepare things for the evening – gig.
We are only showing the new range once, at 1.30 pm sharp. If you haven’t done so, make sure you let us know that you are going to the Fashion Show, space is limited.

– Finally: directions to the “scene of crime”!
A visitor got lost last week, using “google maps” and so on…We do it the old way:
Coming by car: From Derry City, take the road to Moville. Go through Culmore, over the “border” into Muff. Keep on this road rght through Muff. After about two miles you will see “Aught” signed for a left – turn. Take this turn and follow the Aught Road uphill until you get to Glackmore Forest, the entrance to the Yard – Fest ground will be on your right and signed.
Despite the horrible weather we are trying our very best to create good parking inside the ground.

For those (wise) people who come by bus: Take the 1a service from Derry bus station to Muff. The last stop is called “Wheatfield”. If you ring us before (not after you have arrived) we will try our best to collect you there. For this case and for emergencies, here is a phone – contact: 07519876914.

For other details, drop us a mail and for the really important thing to talk (and sin) about: See you on September 9th!

Love over Gold!

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