From everywhere to Glackmore

On: September 9th 2023
Starting @ 10 am
At: Glackmore, Muff, Co. Donegal
More info here: Open Day 2023

It’s all hands on at Flax Mill Textiles and indeed in the beautiful area of Glackmore Forest in County Donegal, as preparations for the 29th Open Day and Yard Fest on September 9th are going into their “hot phase”.

Marion Baur, chief – weaver at and owner of Flax Mill Textiles is happy with the state of affairs: “After 28 events at our old premises in Derrylande / Dungiven, it’s pleasant to see that many people are looking to come to the “New Yard” outside Muff. We are particularly delighted about the sizeable number of international guests who are going to spend the day with us.”

One look at the programme of both Open Day and evening concert (there invited guests only) explains why there is so much interest:
14 stalls – many of them with live demonstrations – by the best and most known master – crafters, such as basket weaver Louise Mc Clean (Coleraine), potter Lindsay Press (Belfast), linen spinner Sarah Foster – Jarden (Lisburn), to mention but few, are going to set the picture of the day – event.

Flax – Mill’s own Fashion Show which is introducing Marion Baur’s new range of creations from pure Irish Linen is attracting huge interest from inside the world of fashion and the public. The show at 1.30 pm is as good as booked out. “Our 3 models, one from Germany and two from Ireland, are only showing once. We have tried our best to make as much space as possible at the cat – walk but the limit has almost been reached, let us know very soon if you want to be at the showing” says Marion.

The evening – gig which is featuring singer / songwriter Joe Mc Gonigle, main performer at the 2020- and 2021-Yard Fests and just after his first ever concert in Germany, Irish traditional dancer Farah Mullan from Limavady, German duo “Crossing Lifelines” who have their Ireland – premiere on the 9th, poet Bernard S. Davis from Birmingham and several special surprise guests, will have as international an audience as the Open Day.

The known and much-loved features of all Flax Mill Open Days and Yard Fests such as home baked cakes, good coffee and for the evening guests a buffet and dinner of class will be there.

Marion Baur: “You will meet a gathering of textile workers which is unique on this island, crafters of distinction, people from many countries, superb artists, you won’t meet any strangers here – just friends you might not have met.”

Last Minute News

On: September 9th 2023
Starting @ 10 am
At: Glackmore, Muff, Co. Donegal
More info here: Open Day 2023


The preparations for our 29th Open – Day and Yard – Fest are going into the “hot phase”, all of us involved are getting very excited. The absurd weather has been making things difficult out here – but we will beat it (what’s new?) one more time again!

Here are – in a straight mail for easy and quick (and hopefully enjoyable) reading a few “last minute news”.

– Spectacular photos by Randolph Oechslein (Hof, Germany) on exhibition!
The textile – worker (yarn spinner) and price – winning photographer did a photo – shooting of me working the fly – shuttle loom in Lauchhammer / Brandenburg in June. The result was a hailed exhibition which was up for one month over there. We brought 20 of the pictures to Ireland, they will be on show for the Open – Day only.

– Another Stall added to the range!
Hester Mc Cunn and Rosemary Henderson are very distinguished textile – crafters who have been using linen woven by Flax – Mill for quite some time. They have been keeping the contents of their stall kind of hidden which tells us there will be amazing things and surprising creations at it. We are delighted to welcome them.
Their presence at the Open Day makes it 14 stalls in total – a powerfull turnout of the Cream of Crafters.
For all stalls see “The cream of crafters” in the programme.

– Very big interest in the Fashion Show!
Several people have asked whether there could be a second showing – the answer is a straight “no”. We want our models to enjoy the Open Day (going out on the cat-walk isn’t just easy) and our helpers are extremely busy to prepare things for the evening – gig.
We are only showing the new range once, at 1.30 pm sharp. If you haven’t done so, make sure you let us know that you are going to the Fashion Show, space is limited.

– Finally: directions to the “scene of crime”!
A visitor got lost last week, using “google maps” and so on…We do it the old way:
Coming by car: From Derry City, take the road to Moville. Go through Culmore, over the “border” into Muff. Keep on this road rght through Muff. After about two miles you will see “Aught” signed for a left – turn. Take this turn and follow the Aught Road uphill until you get to Glackmore Forest, the entrance to the Yard – Fest ground will be on your right and signed.
Despite the horrible weather we are trying our very best to create good parking inside the ground.

For those (wise) people who come by bus: Take the 1a service from Derry bus station to Muff. The last stop is called “Wheatfield”. If you ring us before (not after you have arrived) we will try our best to collect you there. For this case and for emergencies, here is a phone – contact: 07519876914.

For other details, drop us a mail and for the really important thing to talk (and sin) about: See you on September 9th!

Love over Gold!

Second supplement to Open Day Programme 2023

On: September 9th 2023
Starting @ 10 am
At: Glackmore, Muff, Co. Donegal
More info here: Open Day 2023

As promised in the programme, here is a bit of detail on our dancing special guest during the evening concert (not during the day, she is only dancing on stage in the evening) Farah Mullan.

Farah is 7 (!!), lives in Limavady and has been dancing traditional Irish since she was “no age”.

She is being taught by the reputed “Mc Guinness School of Dance” and seen as extremely talented. In March this year, she travelled all the way to Brandenburg / Germany to dance to a packed house. Both audience and the Dresden – based musicians who came to play for her were fascinated.

A very special treat to our guests at the 29th Yard – Fest.

– Very large interest in Fest and Open Day:

Please make sure, you let us know (at least roughly) wit how many people you will be coming – interest in the gathering is very big at this stage!

We are delighted that people from 7 different countries have booked so far with more international guests to come.

We have been asked about vegan and vegetarian options during buffet and dinner:
All the food our catering brigade is producing is suitable for vegan and vegetarian visitors!
It is also completely home – made and from the best local ingredients.

– One more great stall at the Open Day!

Rosaleen Mc Clenaghan and her daughter are going to be with us for the first time. We have taken them in because their range of products from pure Alpaca – wool is too good not to have at an Open Day. Scarves, jumpers, snoots are but few of their unique creations – an ideal completion of the wide variety on September the 9th.

For all stalls and demonstrations see our programme and first supplement. Don’t miss our “last minute mail shot” in just under two weeks.

Love over Gold!

Performance Poetry, Pottery Galore and Lampshades from Linen

On: September 9th 2023
Starting @ 10 am
At: Glackmore, Muff, Co. Donegal
More info here: Open Day 2023

We have added 2 more stalls to the great range (for all others see “Cream of Crafters….” In the programme)
– “Linen Lane” is Jill Gurney’s label. The textile – crafter of distinction specialises on lampshades made of pure Irish Linen. Some of our best hand – woven cloth is turned into amazing one – off pieces by her skilful hands. Jill is certainly no newcomer to the Open Day, her return with a stall is going to “light up our day” – in the true sense of the word. At her stall, she will also have some paintings by her daughter Cara.
Lindsay Press is one of the finest potters we know. Her last minute request for a stall completed the broad range of crafters very well. From a small artistic piece of pottery to a strong and sizeable bowl – what you will not find at Lindsay’s stall is not worth looking for! Great to welcome her back at the Open Day.
Now some very special news:
Bernard is coming!
Bernard S. Davis (Birmingham) is a long – standing guest to the Yard – Fest, we are sure he will delight our concert – audience with a poem or two. His unique writing (and reading) has earned him many fans over the years – wonderful to have him back!
Some notes, important to read:
– Demand for both camping spaces and beds (the later are close to booked up) is high. Let us know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if you plan to stay overnight, Thank You.
– Several people asked whether they could bring their kids. The answer is straight – forward: Of course you can, children of all ages are most welcome.
In our next “extra – newsletter” which should be out during the coming week, we will give you some bio on our amazing special – guest – Irish dancer Farah Mullan and will also reveal a special guest who you won’t believe is going to perform at the Yard – Fest 2023.
Until then,
Love over Gold!

Welcome to the 29th Flax – Mill – Yard – Fest and Open –Day!

On: September 9th 2023
Starting @ 10 am
At: Glackmore, Muff, Co. Donegal
More info here: Open Day 2023

When introducing the event, we said: “…The yard might have changed, the Fest hasn’t…”
Indeed, it hasn’t – be it the evening concert which will feature unique artists from several countries on stage (and in the session afterwards) – two of them for the first time ever in Ireland (see “the Gig”) to the Fashion Show which is attracting designers and makers of ethically valuable top quality clothes from England, Germany, Colombia, the US and of course from Ireland (see “Fashion Show”).
All the other great features of Yard – Fest and Open – Day will be there:

– Amazing stalls by (hand – selected) master crafters (see “The Cream of Crafters”).
– Food galore, all home – made on the premises by our catering brigade. All visitors will enjoy top coffee, home – baked cakes and other treats. Those who stay for the evening – gig will be getting dinner and a buffet “the likes of which won’t be seen again” (never mind tasted).
– Most important: The gathering of textile – workers, artists, crafters and other visitors from many countries will create the unique “boiling” atmosphere Open – Day and Yard – Fest have been known for since 29 years.
– You won’t find: Strangers – only friends you might not have met yet!
You never celebrate alone!
Treat this as your personal invitation and if at all possible, let us know that you are coming – interest is very big at this stage already.
I can’t wait to welcome you at the “new yard” and put my arms around you on September 9th!
Love over Gold!

The Yard may change – the Fest doesn‘t

Your eyes are not fooling you and this little newsletter isn’t a joke either.

    During the last 18 months we learned quite a few things. Such as:

  • – Taking a break from something extremely good is extremely bad.
  • – Slowing down what’s in a good way of going is no good.
  • – Talking such things as „scaling down“, „working less“, „retirement“… calls for a quote from our long – standing philosophical friend Fidel Castro: „Revolutionaries don’t retire.“

We are concluding from all this:
„Ireland`s most spectacular private gathering“ (as a journalist once called it) is back, we are making up for he bad brake of 2022:

The 29th Flax – Mill – Open – Day and Yard – Fest are happening on Saturday, September 9th, 2023!
  • – The best ever Open Day with stalls and live – demonstrations by the cream of crafters from this part oft he world, ideed some from further away.
  • – The largest gathering of textile – workers on this island by far: Spinners, weavers, tailors, dyers, felt – makers – you name them, they will be there to show their unique skills and product.
  • – The Flax – Mill – Fashion – Show 2023 with brandnew creations in Irish Linen by Marion Baur and several special guest designers.
  • – Visitors from literally all over the world!
  • – For our (invited) evening – guests: A buffet like you have never seen (never mind tasted) and dinner made while you watch by our catering – brigade (guess who is in it…). And of course a superb concert with 3 acts on stage.

We are nearly finished selecting this year’s artists, one we can confirm at this stage:
Joe Mc Gonigle, star oft he 2020 and 2021 Yard – Fests will be back!

Don’t get us wrong:
The 29th Open Day and Yard Fest are not happening in Brandenburg or other hard – to get – to – places. Flax Mill’s „new home“ just outside Muff / Donegal ist he scene of crime!

Curious – want a stall – or just want tob e part of it again:

Get in touch now! Send us a mail at or give a buzz: 0049 3574 4675651

Love over Gold!