The Yard may change – the Fest doesn‘t

Your eyes are not fooling you and this little newsletter isn’t a joke either.

    During the last 18 months we learned quite a few things. Such as:

  • – Taking a break from something extremely good is extremely bad.
  • – Slowing down what’s in a good way of going is no good.
  • – Talking such things as „scaling down“, „working less“, „retirement“… calls for a quote from our long – standing philosophical friend Fidel Castro: „Revolutionaries don’t retire.“

We are concluding from all this:
„Ireland`s most spectacular private gathering“ (as a journalist once called it) is back, we are making up for he bad brake of 2022:

The 29th Flax – Mill – Open – Day and Yard – Fest are happening on Saturday, September 9th, 2023!
  • – The best ever Open Day with stalls and live – demonstrations by the cream of crafters from this part oft he world, ideed some from further away.
  • – The largest gathering of textile – workers on this island by far: Spinners, weavers, tailors, dyers, felt – makers – you name them, they will be there to show their unique skills and product.
  • – The Flax – Mill – Fashion – Show 2023 with brandnew creations in Irish Linen by Marion Baur and several special guest designers.
  • – Visitors from literally all over the world!
  • – For our (invited) evening – guests: A buffet like you have never seen (never mind tasted) and dinner made while you watch by our catering – brigade (guess who is in it…). And of course a superb concert with 3 acts on stage.

We are nearly finished selecting this year’s artists, one we can confirm at this stage:
Joe Mc Gonigle, star oft he 2020 and 2021 Yard – Fests will be back!

Don’t get us wrong:
The 29th Open Day and Yard Fest are not happening in Brandenburg or other hard – to get – to – places. Flax Mill’s „new home“ just outside Muff / Donegal ist he scene of crime!

Curious – want a stall – or just want tob e part of it again:

Get in touch now! Send us a mail at or give a buzz: 0049 3574 4675651

Love over Gold!

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