Last Minute News!

Dear friends, valued customers, colleagues in the media, dear linen – lovers!

This is our last communication to “the world” before the 28th Open Day and Yard Fest. I have attached our last- minute- press release “From Everywhere to Derrylane” below. We are sending it out in English only but international circle of recipients as well.

Enjoy reading it and don’t hesitate to pass it on, use it in your internet – presence etc. Anyone who needs the full programme(s) again or hasn’t got it yet, see here or let us know now!

Two questions have been asked repeatedly in recent weeks, I just want to touch on them in a few sentences.

– Who are the spectacular surprise guests during the evening gig? We know that there have been many rumors but we will stick with the surprise announcement. I can tell you that much: He/they are very special in the true sense of the word. You’ll just have to come and see for yourself!

– The other one has also to do with the music – side of the event: Many people want to know what happened to Dearbhla Mc Taggart, the amazing young Irish Harpist we promoted during the last few years.
The answer is two – fold: Dearbhla had a baby – boy just less than a year ago. At her tender age a large untertaking which takes up a massive lot of her time and energy.
She is doing very well at it and will be at the Open Day and Yard Fest with the little beauty.
She still wanted to go back to playing the harp but a torn ligament which is linguering is giving her a lot of trouble. We had actually planned to feature her this year for just one piece oin stage (with Hermann) but the injury just doesn’t allow it yet. Despite that we are very happy to have her at Flax Mill this coming Saturday. Some of you who have been missing her on stage can tell her then.

So much for this, now enjoy our last minte news and contact us for any other details.

On Friday and Saturday our phone (0044) (0)28777 42655 will be (wo)manned from 6 am.

Can’t wait to see you on Saturday, 11th.


From Everywhere to Derrylane

Its all hands on at County Derry’s only active linen-weaving-mill with the 28th Flax Mill Open Day and Yard Fest on September 11th less than one week ahead.

Marion Baur, owner of Derrylane Flax Mills and her team are putting the “final touches” to the historic mill and to the grounds whilst the first of many international visitors are arriving.

As every year, here are a few “last Minute news” which complete the programmes for both Open Day and evening event.

– Textile workers from at least 6 countries will be attending the Open Day, including a number of members of guilds.

With the secretary of the “Ulster Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers”, Lorna Shannon (she is doing a spinning – demonstration, see programme) present, the mix of textile – experts from different countries and traditions will make for interesting discussions and much exchange of information. “It’s always been a good gathering of spinners, weavers, designers and other experts, this year beats them all though” says Marion Baur.

– Rosemary Henderson joins “Special Guest Designers” for the Fashion Show!

The very talented textile – crafter (she runs a stall at the Open Day, see Programme) has created a unique garment which is going to be shown on the catwalk. “We never give away much about the pieces to be shown before the event but I can tell you that this one is too good not to be shown” says Marion Baur.

– All Vegetables Local !

The vegetables used in the catering for the evening event will be all locally grown and of course chemicals free. Andreas Stoib, chief of the all-German “catering brigade” has asked for that.
“Many people talk about health and the human immune – system nowadays. What you eat has a direct effect on that and I am delighted that our super caterers are asking for the best only” says Marion.

– Puppet Theatre by Farrah

Young Farrah Mullan (5) is setting up a small stage for puppet theatre. The puppets she is going to use are “historical” ones from Germany.
The organisers of the Flax Mill Open Day and Yard Fest are urging interested people to book their place as the interest is extremely big. “The last thing we want to do is to send guests away. But it’s an event on our own ground and space is limited” says Marion Baur.

For all further details, bookings, extra programmes of Open Day and evening event, directions etc. give the Flax Mill a ring: (0044)(0)2877742655 or send us a mail:

Looking forward to your loved company on Saturday, 11th. 9.

Love over Gold

Marion and the team at Flax Mill

Keep The Fight In Your Hearts

We are very pleased that Joe McGonigle will once again play his haunting ballads from Donegal for us at the evening concert to celebrate The Flax Mill Open Day 2021.

His highlight for the evening will be “Keep The Fight In Your Hearts”, a song getting a lot of attention on the internet with  Paul Mc Devitt giving it a great review on Highland Radio’s Saturday Shuffle.

The song has inspired Hermann Glaser-Baur, co-owner of The Flax Mill, to write a powerful commentary, “Take off your Crowns!”, found on our blog.

Here’s Joe explaining its importance in his own words:

I wrote this song “Keep The Fight In Your Hearts” to help highlight the despair and  support the people affected by the Mica Crisis in Donegal and beyond. I always say “if I can’t feel it, I can’t write it”.  And in this case I felt it! We all feel the suffering that this crisis is causing to so many families, young and old. All the profits from the sale of my CD will go to the ‘Mica Redress 100% No Less’ campaign. A little help for the those affected to get the justice they deserve.


“Keep The Fight In Your Hearts”

Joe McGonigle (James Eoghain)

The CDs are in local shops and, for anyone further afield, who would be willing to sell them, please get in contact with Joe on:

WhatsApp: 00447851095024

Joe has promised us a surprise for his performance at the Flax Mill in September and has generously allowed us to share his headline song . Listen, enjoy and support his cause.

Doing no harm to the Planet

The “second Finale” on September 11th, 2021 at Derrylane Flax Mills

After last year’s great Open Day and Yard Fest – praised afterwards in many countries as the most successful one ever – we were quite content with our decision (announced before last year’s event) to end the great tradition which had been attracting people from literally all corners of the globe for 27 years in succession. Many of our visiting crafters, artists and a big number of people who have been at both Open Day and Yard Fest were of a very different opinion and made sure we were told.

“If you can run an event like this one in a year like 2020 you should not be allowed to stop ever” said a visitor from Scotland – one comment of very many.

We went back to the “drawing table”, contacted crafters, artists, helpers and friends – and “gave in”:

On Saturday, September 11th 2021, County Derry’s only active linen – weaving – mill will host Open Day and Yard Fest number 28 – in full glory!

The event is a “sell out” even at this early stage with no publicity out at all.

With this first information we want to give you some of the highlights, the full programme will be out in exactly two weeks from now.

Here’s but a few “mouth-watering” things to happen this year:

– Well over 20 master-crafters will show and offer for sale their unique products at beautiful stalls. Many of them are going to demonstrate their skills as well.

* Mallon’s Foundry, Ireland’s only bronze – casting foundry is returning!

* Cherrie Mc Ilwayne, iconic BBC presenter, has retired from her work for the media, not so from making unique pieces of textiles. She is taking a stall for the first time.

* Ireland’s youngest full-time blacksmith, Samuel Logan, is coming back to make sparks fly!

* 5 spinning wheels running in tandem – where else would you get it?

* Regina Mc Sorley and “Arty Facts”, a group of great painters, are newcomers to the Open Day!

“From Flax to Linen”, for the first time in 5 decades (!!) locally grown flax, scutched on a restored “Mackie’s” machine will be hackled, spun and woven into fabric on our own looms while you watch!

Ireland’s only real alternative cat walk –the annual Flax Mill Fashion Show will feature my own and Liz Corrigan’s new creations plus several special guest designers with one piece each.

* Vegan, made with no harm to the planet unique pieces presented by our amazing models. Irish Linen at its highest point!

* One showing only, the event in the back garden of the cottage (marquee) will be presented by Helen Keys (flax – grower and university lecturer) and Duncan Neil, creative director at Clarks of Upperlands, Ireland’s oldest linen finishing mill.

Mandy Bingham is returning to the stage during the evening gig (after two years of a brake) and so is Joe Mc Gonigle!!!

* 13 m long buffet for the evening guests created by our “catering brigade” from Berlin (yes, the original one).

Our talk: Traditionally on textile – making and special aspects of it we have gone a bit broader this time, the reasons are obvious, we think.

* We are inviting Heidi Steffan, owner of one of the most profiled health – shops in N. Ireland, the Iona Shop (Hollywood) and a couple of other prominent orators (details with the full programme) to give us a talk on good diet, sustainable food production and the effects on the planet as well as on people’s immune 0- systems etc..

The largest gathering of textile-workers on these shores and beyond!

* Spinners, weavers, dyers, felters, tailors, designers…you name the textile – craft, the best experts will be there!

The Title of this year’s event!

“He lived a gentle live and did no harm to the planet!”

(Mandy Bingham about Pete Addison, Scottish friend of hers and us, music lover and several times seen at the Yard Fest, who died recently. See Hermann’s obituary attached)

When Mandy said this during her visit here at Flax Mill a few days ago, we decided to use “Doing no Harm to the Planet” as the overall title for this year’s event. It grasps our aims and those of the people we invite very well.

We are open for bookings from now on – especially the Fashion Show, the Talk and the Evening Event will be by booking only as every year.

Speak to you very soon, as us for the full programme which will be out (in German and English) very soon.

Love over Gold


Open Day 2021 – The Second Finale is on!


After several hours of “picking our own brains” we first decided on a smaller, more bound to house and mill event, a little version of the Second Finale, so to speak. After sharing this idea with the crafting community, the response was positive, overwhelmingly positive!

Of course, even we couldn’t get all our eager friends, customers, artists… into the barn. So, we sat at the “design table” again – here’s what we came up with:

There is no point in reducing what has been loved by our guests from many parts of the world for 27 years! Wheather or not – we will run another Open Day, Fest, Fashion Show, top class crafts – demonstrations, concert and session – all in full swing!!

So is life – not a bad complaint that so many people want to come, we also found out last night that a number of visitors from abroad have already booked flights, boats etc.

This is our official announcement:

On Saturday, September 11th “The Second Finale”, our Open Day and Yard Fest Nr. 28 are going to take place at Derrylane Flax Mill !

All Details will be released very soon, we are open for bookings from now on.

We would like to ask our visiting crafters who want to run stalls and/or demonstrations to confirm NOW! We have more than twice as many requests for stalls at this point as we can possibly take!

We will try our very best to make the “Second Finale” as memorable and good a day/evening as the 27 before it, that’s my promise.

Speak to you very soon

Love Over Gold