Open Day 2021 – The Second Finale is on!


After several hours of “picking our own brains” we first decided on a smaller, more bound to house and mill event, a little version of the Second Finale, so to speak. After sharing this idea with the crafting community, the response was positive, overwhelmingly positive!

Of course, even we couldn’t get all our eager friends, customers, artists… into the barn. So, we sat at the “design table” again – here’s what we came up with:

There is no point in reducing what has been loved by our guests from many parts of the world for 27 years! Wheather or not – we will run another Open Day, Fest, Fashion Show, top class crafts – demonstrations, concert and session – all in full swing!!

So is life – not a bad complaint that so many people want to come, we also found out last night that a number of visitors from abroad have already booked flights, boats etc.

This is our official announcement:

On Saturday, September 11th “The Second Finale”, our Open Day and Yard Fest Nr. 28 are going to take place at Derrylane Flax Mill !

All Details will be released very soon, we are open for bookings from now on.

We would like to ask our visiting crafters who want to run stalls and/or demonstrations to confirm NOW! We have more than twice as many requests for stalls at this point as we can possibly take!

We will try our very best to make the “Second Finale” as memorable and good a day/evening as the 27 before it, that’s my promise.

Speak to you very soon

Love Over Gold


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