Linen for a Sacred Space

Linen has long been used throughout the world in spiritual practice, whether it be to wrap mummies, adorn altars or in elaborate priestly robes.

Flax Mill is proud to be involved with Sinead Black of Bricolage Quilts and Heather Burgess of Ulster University’s Textile Department in a project that continues this fine tradition. Through the expert design and skillful embroidery of Sinead and Heather, our Derrylane linen was transformed into a beautiful religious-themed tablecloth that now graces a new Jesuit meditation space in St. Patrick’s Church, Belfast (See gallery below).

Check out Sinead’s other marvellous creations at Bricolage Quilts located in Butchers Building, Belfast where you can also see and purchase our wide range of Flax Mill linens – the SHOP button above will take you straight to the linen section.

Embroidered tablecloth – click any image for gallery

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