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The aristocrat in new designs

“How do you feel in your retirement?”

This was one of the recently asked questions, one of many. It came at a particularly interesting time.

    Between the three of us we were trying:

  • – to beam one of the looms.
  • – To finish a warp for the other one.
  • – Get two runs of hand-woven linen ready for sending away.
  • – complete an order of special-size table-ware for a special customer
  • – Make 50 shoe – bags from Irish linen……….

We were supposed to do this in three days – actually got it done in less than a week.


    After the (too long) break in newsletters I think, we’ll start this one with a few “definitely not’s”:

  • – We have definitively not retired, never said we would.
  • – We are definitively not making any less linen (fabric and finished pieces) than before.
  • – We did want to slow down a little bit but have definitively not managed to do so…..
    So much for this, on the “mill front”

  • * We have just bought a new warp mill. It was delivered straight from Finland and is proofing a good tool. It has 1/3 more circumference and is higher than the old one – allows larger and longer warps for both hand- and machine looms.
  • * A “new old” power loom is coming soon. Hermann has found the amazing piece of equipment, a shuttle loom made by the famous “Saurer” firm in Austria.
  • * The outlet in Belfast is doing well, Sinead is putting tons of energy into getting both fabric and finished pieces to those who are looking for them.

What she can’t get you we haven’t got (and that’s not many things in the world of linen).

That includes the new designs of aristocratic fabrics such as “RAW”, my new heavy hand-woven linen which has some raw (unspun) flax and 6(!!) colours woven in.

It’s well worth paying the amazing shop in the Butcher Building a visit! is a good (email) way of getting in touch or just click on the shop button – for those who prefer to phone: +44 (0)784752247.

A private news – item to finish with:

We have experienced and celebrated the arrival of our grand-child number 5 a few weeks ago!

Have a very good summer. If we can’t get together the next time I will be on the island (early autumn) – why not pay us a visit here in Brandenburg? Good re-unions do not stop at borders!

Love over Gold!

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