Flaxfield in the winter

Friends, valued customers,

just short of our annual “end of year” newsletters, this is to respond to an unusually large number of mails in recent days. We have put together a couple of things which have been asked about several times – hoping to reach as many of you as possible. Don’t be shy to pass this on.

– Yes we are open during the “season”. Our (booked out) Winter Solstice gathering on December 21st does not mark a closure over Christmas or the turning of the year. For those who want to see us or need products just call. On the 24th (a few hours in the early evening) we will be making pizza for the daughters (as every year), other than that there are no closures.

Flaxfield II is coming off the loom this weekend. A new run of our most popular hand-woven cloth during last year has 8 (!!) colours in the weft as the first version. We have added some blue stripes to the warp for a slightly deeper tone. Those of you who have and like the “original”, do not worry: It will be out again early next year.

– Yes we are taking part in several textile-fairs next year. We don’t normally anounce where we go but for those of you who asked us to take some of your products on board (especially in Germany) – just give us a ring and ask (or let’s chat at the Solstice gathering).

-The Shipyard – tea – towel is back, we had a few more made! Very limited edition with a donation to the union for each one we sell. The original is with the workers and will remain there – see above.

– Last: Our popular machine woven basket (natural) linen has had a twin-sister added: The same good cloth (yarn constructed from Irish Flax) is now avaliable in “oyster” or semi-bleach as you may call it.

Speak to you very soon,

Love over Gold


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