Are your Products Seasonal?

We’ve been asked this question many times in recent weeks – it happens every year.

The answer is a clear no!

Besides the fact that our lives and work-schedule here at Flax – Mill are not influenced by a season which doesn’t mean anything to us, I have always thought that there is a season for good products every day of the year!

Being aware though that our valued customers and friends are looking for special things, gifts, treats etc. at this time of the year even more than during other periods, here are a few creations which might tickle your interest. Some of them are “long – standing” products brought up to latest fashion – standards, some are brand-new.

  • One of our “classics” is the linen waistcoat. The recent revival of the smart piece of clothing (world-wide and for both men and women) led to us showing a new design during our 2018 fashion show – with very large interest since. One of the “flax-field” ones was sent to Germany last week. The news owner’s comment: “Wunderbar”!

We won’t argue and can tell you that the selection of waist – coats has been increased, anything from a natural hand-woven front with the flax – flower embroidered on to a tweed-linen combination, one made from beetle-finished linen…well worth checking out!

  • Increasingly, people are looking for a scarf to match the waist-coat. Our new range – just off the looms last week – has been designed with that in mind. Linen – dominant but with some wool – linen and alpaca – linen mixes thrown in, you will find a variety and (as always) quality which should blow your mind!
  • Last but certainly not least and but a few examples of many: An American designer told me recently that her mini-skirts are only 8 cm (!!) long. I was wondering whether she should maybe start manufacturing belts. Our “shorties” can’t match that but those of you who were at the fashion show will remember the red stretch-linen one shown by model Annie Press and the “wow” response of the audience. The little piece has been taken very well and we have added a couple of other designs – spring is coming!

News from production – line and the world around us:

  • The interview Hermann did with fellow textile-crafter Deborah Toner, created an unusually large response, we had to send the article in hard-copy form to various places, including Berlin and London. The editor of the “County Derry Post” kindly let us have the PDF file and those of you who didn’t get the paper can read it now here
  • Flax – Mill’s means of transport are going to be bicycles only from next month onwards. This change has led to questions being asked, some related to our “out in the country” location. We don’t think it’s going to be difficult at all and for those who are interested in more detail: Hermann has just written one of his short “reflexions” on that (and on environmental questions in slightly more general terms…). It’s called “Doing what we say” and he’ll gladly send it to you on request.
  • Last: Many people have asked whether we are growing flax next year. We are and a larger quantity than ever (not huge though, it will be around 4 acres). If you want more details on this, be sure to give us a bell.

Looking forward to seeing you very soon – over a good coffee it should be pleasant and weather-independent to make good plans for 2019.

Don’t forget: Winter-solstice will see the fire lit in the stove inside, in the barbeque outside, the soup – pot bubbling and a good few treats on the table.

The 21st of December is about the only day of the year we really celebrate. Invited will be who asks us about it!!

Love Over Gold


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